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Taking pictures of horses can be a lot of fun and capture their beauty. Whether you’re just starting or have some experience, these horse photography tips can help you take great horse photos and show off the charm of these amazing animals.

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Horse Photography

Pick the Right Time and Light for Horse Photos

When doing horse photography, choose early mornings or late afternoons for the best lighting. The sun at these times gives a warm, golden look. This soft light helps highlight the horse’s features and creates a nice and natural atmosphere for your photos.

Get to Know the Horse

Approach them gently so they feel comfortable. This helps get more relaxed and natural poses and ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience for both you and the horse.

Keep the Background Simple

A clean and simple background is crucial for good horse photos. Minimize distractions to keep the focus on the horse. A field, open pasture, or a basic barn can work well, complementing the natural beauty of your horse subject.

Capture Movement and Action

To add excitement to your horse photos, try capturing motion or action shots. Whether it’s a running horse or a playful trot, use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. This shows off the power and grace of the horse.

Use the Right Equipment

You don’t need fancy gear for great horse photos. A regular DSLR camera or a good smartphone can work just fine. Focus on understanding your equipment and improving your skills to get the best shots.

Try Different Angles

Experiment with different angles when taking horse photos. Shoot from the ground to emphasize their height or from slightly above for a majestic feel. Varied angles add interest to your horse photos.

Stay Patient and Calm

Horses are sensitive, so it’s important to stay calm and patient during a photoshoot. This helps keep the horse at ease, resulting in more natural and real expressions in your photos.

Simple Touch-ups Afterward

Once you have your horse photos, do some easy touch-ups to enhance them. Adjust brightness, contrast, and colour saturation to bring out the best in your images. But remember, less is more – aim for enhancements that highlight the natural beauty of the horse.

Patience is the Key

Be patient when working with horses. Give them time to get comfortable with the camera and your presence. This will result in more natural and less forced expressions in your horse photography.

Use Treats Sparingly

If you want the horse to look in a certain direction or strike a particular pose, you can use treats. However, use them sparingly to avoid overexcitement or distractions during the photoshoot.

Focus on the Eyes

The eyes convey a lot of emotion in horse photography. Aim to focus on the horse’s eyes to capture their spirit and personality. A sharp and clear focus on the eyes can make your photos more engaging.

Capture Candid Moments

Some of the best horse photos happen when they are in their element, showing their natural behaviour. Keep your camera ready to capture candid moments, such as a horse grazing, rolling, or interacting with other horses.

Mind the Weather

Pay attention to the weather conditions. Overcast days can create soft and even lighting, reducing harsh shadows. However, if it’s too sunny, look for shaded areas to avoid squinting and harsh contrasts in your photos.

Experiment with Black and White

Black and white horse photography can add a timeless and artistic touch to your horse photos. Experiment with this mode to create classic and impactful images, especially during dramatic lighting conditions.

Showcase the Bond with Riders

If the horse has a rider, capture shots that showcase the connection between the horse and the rider. These moments can be heartwarming and add a personal touch to your horse photography collection.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Include natural elements like trees, flowers, or open fields in your compositions. These elements can add context and visual interest to your photos while keeping the focus on the beauty of the horse.

Stay Safe

Always prioritize safety, both for yourself and the horse. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid sudden movements, and maintain a respectful distance. This ensures a secure and enjoyable photoshoot or horse photography experience.

Review and Learn

After your photoshoot, take the time to review your images. Identify what worked well and areas for improvement. Learning from each session will help you refine your skills and enhance your horse photography over time.

Vary Your Composition

Experiment with different compositions to add variety to your horse photography. Try both horizontal and vertical shots, and don’t be afraid to play with the framing to find the most visually appealing angles.


In conclusion, capturing the grace and beauty of horses through photography is a delightful journey, and these simple tips are your guide to making every shot count. Remember, patience and a calm approach go a long way in creating a comfortable environment for both you and the horse.

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