Before placing your bets while gambling online you might want to know more about horses. These are some of the biggest and most loved animals due to the fact that they are human-friendly. And, they have been trained and used for racing for more than 100 years now.

 Before that, horses were even used as a mode for transportation by people. Additionally, they have even been used for war. And, there are so many types and breeds that you can use for racing or just keep in your stables. Here is a list of some of the horses that you will find in the horse family.

Arabian Horses

The scientific name for this horse is Equus ferus caballus and it usually stands at the height of 1.4 m to 1.6m and goes at the maximum number of 450kg.  And, the best part is that it comes in so many different colours. And, the breed is also very easy to recognize due to its distinctive shape and high tail carriage.  This breed is known to live for 25 to 45 years of age.


This breed is mainly famous in England and is the best horse that you can use for racing. And, the name indicates that the name is of pure breed. And this breed is the only one to be considered to be pure. Their life expectancy is set to be from 25 to 28 years of age. And, they are used on the tracks because they are one of the fastest horse breeds in the horse family.

Clydesdale horse

This Scottish horse breed is loved due to its gentle nature. Also, it is a draught horse which is also seen to be very intelligent and spirited.  The horses come at a height range off 162 to 183 cm depending on the sex of the horse. And, you can use this horse for agricultural purposes, driving and logging. This breed also happens to be one of the biggest breeds that you can find in the world.

Friesian Horse

From the name, you can pick up that the Breed is from Friesland in the Netherlands.  And it is considered to be a light draught horse. The horse has a specific type of carriage that has been designed to suit its nature.  Most of the horses in this breed are usually black in colour. If not, it will just come in dark colours that are linked to the black.

The Andalusian Horse

This is known as one of the friendliest horses in the world.  And, when they come with the right training it can also be used by beginner riders. The horse is a pure Spanish breed that has been available to the human race since the 15th Century. Back in the day, the horses here used for show jumping, driving, dressage and show jumping.

 The Appaloosa

 The horse has a very unique pattern on its coat and it comes with so many different body types. And, it is believed that this unique pattern is believed to have come from the fact that it is a mixture of different breeds of horses.