Horse racing is one of the most famous forms of sports betting when it comes to PokiesHype Online Pokies Australia. Therefore, there is so much to learn and know about when it comes to the art of horse racing. After all, the sport has been there for a while now.

 A lot of horses have come and gone, but only a few have managed to leave a make in the horse racing world. And, this is why this article is going to be giving you some of the most famous horses that will forever be remembered in history. 

Man O’war

This horse is considered to be a hero when it comes to the history of horse racing. The horse made its debut into the horse racing world back in 1919 at only 2 years old. But, he was that horse that would guarantee you easy money during betting.

The only race that the horse lost was when he became second after a glitch at the starting point. He also went on to sires some of the biggest winners in the racing industry.  He had the send-off of a king upon his death in 1947.


 This horse is the grandson of Man O’ War. He had quite a rough start in the beginning and had to go through extensive training from Tom Smith. And with Red Pollard as the jockey, the horse managed to win 11 races from the 15 it competed in that season.

From then on the Horse’s career started hitting an upward spiral. And even though his jockey lost an eye during a training session, they still managed to perform really well. And, if you missed out on the action then you can go and watch the biography “Seabiscuit,” which was made in the horse’s honour.


The horse made its debut in the tracking world back in 1947 when it was only 2-years-old.  But, despite starting off at a young age, the horse managed to land itself in the national museum of racing and is also a hall of fame inductee.

The horse came as an inspiration to many due to its success. For example, it was the first American horse to win US1 million dollars after a competition. It even has its life-sized statue in Florida and had a business jet named after it by Cessna Aircraft Company. 


The horse is described as one of the prettiest horses in the racecourse. Therefore, people never really believed that it could be good at racing. But. The horse defied all these odds and managed to become the Horse of the year title that very same year.

 He went on to achieve a lot by winning the Triple Crown that very same year. He went on to win the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths. Upon his death in 1989 the worst was not buried the customary way, the horse was buried as a whole.  And, he was given one of the biggest send off in horse history.