Hey there, horse enthusiasts! Before you dive into the horsey fun, let’s chat about some simple terms and conditions to keep our horsey community friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Let’s Agree on Some Basics

If you’re using Careep.org, you’re agreeing to play by the rules we’ve set. If there’s anything you’re not cool with, it’s fine to skip using our platform.

Being Nice and Responsible

Play Nice

We’re all friends here, so let’s treat each other with kindness. Whether you’re talking to other members or our horse buddies, a little kindness goes a long way.

Take Care of Your Account

Keep your login stuff secret, and if you think someone’s snooping, let us know ASAP. We’ve got your back!

Buying and Selling Horsey Stuff

Keep It Real

If you’re selling a horse or horse gear, make sure you’re straight-up about what you’re offering. No fibbing allowed!

Sharing the Load

Both buyers and sellers need to do their bit to make deals smooth. Quick and honest talk makes everyone happy.

Seller Duties

If you’re selling a horse, make sure it’s all healthy and in good shape. Any hiccups? Tell your buyers straight away.

Friendly Vibes Only

Be Nice in Chats

Chatting should be fun, right? So keep it friendly. No bullying or weird stuff allowed.

Watch What You Post

Whatever you share, keep it cool. Nothing mean, rude, or tricky, please. We’ll have to boot out anything not following this rule.

Keeping Things Private

What We Do with Your Info

Our Privacy Policy explains how we handle your info. By using Careep.org, you’re saying it’s cool with you.

No Blame Game

If something goes wonky while you’re using Careep.org, we’re not responsible for any hiccups. You’re using the platform at your own risk.

Stopping Trouble Accounts

We might have to say bye-bye to accounts causing trouble. But don’t worry, we’ll always do it the right way.

Changes and News

Rules might change, so keep an eye out. If you’re still using Careep.org, it means you’re cool with any new stuff we add.

If you want to know more read our terms and conditions!

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